Master of Science in Wind Energy at DTU

The Master of Science in Wind Energy programme at DTU is offered in close collaboration between DTU Mechanical Engineering, DTU Electrical Engineering, DTU Informatics and Wind Energy Division at Risø DTU, with ties to the wind industry and related sectors.

The programme focuses on resources, and mechanical and electrical aspects of wind power and wind power system integration, and it is possible to obtain a cross-cutting interdisciplinary knowledge on the wide range of technologies behind wind power, such an aerodynamics, wind turbine construction, control, prognosis and grid integration and optimization.

Courses, laboratory work and candidate projects are carried out at the departments involved.

With the education within wind energy, you are qualified for employment in the rapidly growing international wind energy industry and related sectors.

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Søren Ejling Larsen
Head of Programme, Adj. Professor (Meteorology)
Wind Energy (VEA)
Dir tel+45 46775012