Master of Science in Engineering (Sustainable Energy)

In the coming decades the energy systems throughout the world will undergo major changes and crucial issues will be environmental, economic and social sustainability.
DTU is at the cutting edge in Europe when it comes to research in sustainable energy and offers the unique possibility of a high-level education.

The aim of DTU’s MSc program in Sustainable Energy is to educate experts in various energy technologies and energy systems with the focus on sustainability. The education is offered by Risø DTU in cooperation with a number of institutes at DTU Lyngby.

The special MSc program consists of a recommended first semester including three courses:

  • 45003 Energy resources, markets and policies
  • 45002 Modelling and analysis of sustainable energy systems
  • 45503 Energy and Sustainability

After first semester on the basis of the bachelor study the student can choose between a number of studying lines within one of these energy subjects:

  • Thermal energy
  • Biofuels
  • Electric energy systems
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells
  • Energy savings

Job opportunities
The education opens up various and different job opportunities within industry, government and research. Professional tasks could be implementation of sustainable energy technologies into existing or new energy systems including modelling and evaluation of impact on eco-systems and society.

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