Risø DTU and the Municipality of Roskilde become green partners

Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, DTU, and the municipality of Roskilde have entered into an agreement for a joint development project to strengthen the development of sustainable energy technologies.

Actually it is two projects that are now being integrated into a joint development project. One project concerns the establishment of a “Demonstratorium” (Test and demonstration facility), the other the construction of a sustainable business park.

The parties will join efforts to find investors from cleantech business who wish to benefit from being located near an internationally leading cleantech research institution. In addition, Scion DTU, a part of DTU and responsible for running several business parks, may engage in the establishment and running of the business park.

The demonstratorium is planned to be a central physical unit located at or near Risø DTU. It will include mobile units that can be moved to the research divisions according to need. The facility offers companies the opportunity to install, test and present new technologies in close collaboration with Risø’s scientists.

The businesses are guaranteed a close interaction with the research community while the scientists get the opportunity to explore and undertake research in new cleantech technologies in actual use.

The oppertunities are many and focus will be on the interactions between several sustainable technologies such as new heat pumps, electric vehicles, energy storage, control and regulation systems, wind turbine components, bio-energy plants, solar cells and solar panels, fuel cells and electrolysis plants and energy saving technologies.

Risø Park
Risø Park is the working title of a 40 hectares future sustainable business park located at Risø DTU. This location together with the opportunity to cooperate with the research environments will attract Danish as well as foreign companies working with new sustainable technologies.

Henrik Bindslev, Director at Risø DTU, has high hopes for this new collaboration:

”It’s all about critical mass and collaborations throughout the development and value chain. The National Laboratory, the Demonstratorium and the business park, all located at Risø and all involved in sustainable technologies, will arouse international attention and attract many relevant interested parties. It will be an excellent show window to attract new partners and customers,” says Henrik Bindslev.

Strong synergies
There will, according to Henrik Bindslev, be strong synergies between Risø DTU, the Demonstratorium and the business park: The development work in the business park will be strengthened by the many scientists at Risø DTU, who already have a long tradition of close research collaborations with the business community.

On the other hand, projects in the Demonstratorium will interact with Risø DTU’s existing research projects, e.g. Risø’s intelligent energy system SYSLAB. In this way the application of new technology in the future energy system can be tested and demonstrated, while at the same time inspire the continuous research at Risø DTU. As an example, the heat pumps of tomorrow should be linked with heat storage and mainly be operated during periods with a surplus of electricity. This affects the financial situation as well as the operation principles. The Demonstratorium will offer a new approach to the required optimisation and demonstrations needed to address these challenges.

Click here to see the press release from the Municipality of Roskilde (in Danish)

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