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PhD at Risø DTU PhD at Risø DTU PhD at Risø DTU PhD at Risø DTU

Studying for a PhD at Risø DTU allows you to focus on what is most important: your research. We give a high priority to providing PhD students the time and space for in-depth study and as much support as possible. In terms of our supervision, international collaboration and facilities and equipment, our quality requirements are high. We have been educating researchers for more than 40 years, and we are learning all the time.

Part of the research environment
As a PhD student, you can look forward to three demanding years, during which you must make a difference as a researcher. At Risø DTU, you become part of daily life at the institution, and your research is integrated with all the other research being conducted.

Inspiring environment
“I decided to do my PhD at Risø because I knew that conditions here were the best I had heard about,” says PhD student Tine Knudsen. “Risø has accessible facilities and equipment which works. And not least many colleagues with considerable know-how and experience who are committed to their work – both technical assistants and scientific staff. In short, an excellent academic environment which allows me to draw on the experience of others and become an integrated part of a research unit. At the same time, I had heard from a couple of PhD students I knew that the social climate is very good, which was also important for me.”

The Risø environment makes it much more interesting being a PhD student, and it is possible both to travel abroad with your project and to meet the world at Risø DTU as many international researchers come to visit each year.

Many PhD students appreciate the contact with the business sector – it broadens their perspective along the way and translates into better career opportunities afterwards. Some of our PhD programmes are conducted as industrial PhD programmes in collaboration with a company.

Work must be as relevant as possible
PhD students have to spend six months of their study period working. Many PhD students find this hard, and at Risø we want to address this problem. The work undertaken must be relevant to your project, and at Risø DTU such work may take the form of papers at conferences, expert assistance for colleagues, guidance or perhaps presentations for upper secondary school children or at Roskilde Festival.

For your inspiration you can see a list of more recent PhD theses here.

Vacant PhD Positions at Risø DTU
Risø DTU is increasing the numbers of Ph.D. students and we suggest that you frequently check the possible vacant positions and call for applications. 

Click here to view all vacant positions and call for applications.

Contact and further information at DTU

The DTU website includes further details and information addressed for PhD students and Guest PhD students regarding required documents, deadlines, admission, accommodation, insurance, residence – and work permits and names of contact persons.

Click here for an overview.

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