Risø DTU has been reorganized

As of January 1st a new organization is established at DTU. The reorganization includes a total of eight departments and a new center.

One of the most visible sign of the reorganization is that there are established two new departments, namely DTU Wind Energy and DTU Energy Conversion, and a new center, DTU NUTECH. The two departments include major parts of the academic communities of the former Risø DTU, but both are also organizationally assigned new academic environments from other DTU departments. At the same time a number of academic environments are moved from Risø DTU to other departments.

DTU Energy Conversion   DTU Nutech    DTU Wind Energy

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Other organizational units located at DTU Risø Campus:

DTU Electrical Engineering  -  Intelligent Energy Systems

DTU Management Engineering - Systems Analysis - UNEP Centre

DTU Chemical Engineering  - Biosystems

DTU Physics - Fusion and plasma physics and Neutrons and x-rays for materials physics

How to get to DTU Risø Campus

DTU Risø Campus · Frederiksborgvej 399 · P.O. Box 49 · 4000 Roskilde · dtu@dtu.dk